How long should a CV be?


Leonardo da Vinci is widely credited as the creator of the CV back in 1482 when he was hoping to secure some work from the Duke of Milan. It took another almost 500 years before the use of CV became ubiquitous in the mid-20th century.

Today, despite the emergence of professional networking websites such as LinkedIn and digital platforms such as YouTube and 100s of job boards where we can upload video CVs, the humble one-to-few-page CV remains the essential document for job seekers for starting their journey to securing a new job.

But ever since Leo put quill to paper, one question many job seekers still ask is how long should my CV be?

The short answer is that it should be as long as it needs to be but probably no more than two A4 single-sided pages.

CV is essentially an overview of your experience, qualifications, core skillset and perhaps a short statement about your professional goals and ambitions.

It is not an autobiography.

Certainly, 10 pages plus a set of copies of certificates of attendance and effort awarded back in primary school may be a tad excessive.

Your CV is effectively an advertisement about you. It has one simple purpose to get you an interview. Not the job. That comes later when you impress the employer at the interview!

For most school leavers or graduates job seekers with little or no professional experience one-page is perfectly adequate and acceptable length.

If you have two-plus years' experience then two pages is more than sufficient. In fact, 91% of recruiters think two to three pages is the ideal length for a CV.

So, if your CV currently runs over three pages, maybe it's time to sharpen your editing skills and trim it down to around two pages to help increase your chances of an invite to your next job interview!


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