9 out of 10 commuters want to quit their job to work closer to home in the Home Counties


According to our recent survey of commuters from the Home Counties into London, over 92% said that they would quit their job to work closer to home.

This staggeringly high percentage is likely to be of no surprise to 1000s of London-bound commuters whose experience of daily stress, frequent train delays and perpetual fare rises is shared across social media each day.

Our survey found that the high financial cost of commuting is the number one frustration amongst commuters (84%). This was followed by delays and overcrowding, cited by 70% and 64% respectively. A massive 77% said that they were fairly or very unhappy with their daily commute.

For full results of the commuter survey, take a look at the presentation on Slideshare.

Home Counties-based employers missing opportunity to attract London-bound talent

Dissatisfaction amongst commuters represents an opportunity for Home Counties-based employers to attract talent by promoting comparable career opportunities and the benefits of working more locally. However, these employers appear to be failing to reach commuters who are desperate to quit their costly and stressful commute.

The combination of stress, cost, overcrowding and delays means that commuters into London are extremely unhappy with their daily commute but our survey shows that 62% didn’t think there were many suitable companies in their region in the Home Counties. This is a clear opportunity for Home Counties-based employers to raise their profile amongst these potential new employees.

Home Counties-based employers should look at promoting a better work-life balance by highlighting the environmental, cost saving and health benefits of living and working locally. These employers should also explain the salary differential when compared with London, a concern for 16%. This becomes less significant once you remove the cost of travel and the time and stress saved from not having to commute.

Stressed out commuters open to new challenges but want to catch up on sleep

Despite the unhappiness with their daily journey, commuters remain motivated to try new challenges. When asked what they would do with the time saved from not having to commute into London, 75% said that they would spend more time with family and friends, 61% would spend more time on keeping fit, 32% would take up a new hobby or spend more time on current hobbies, 21% would volunteer and 15% would learn a new skill or enrol on to a class. All productive, useful and healthy. However, not surprisingly, many want to make up for their early starts – 47% said that they would sleep more!


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