A 20 minutes increase in commute time is as bad as 19 per cent pay cut


A new study published (Oct. 2017) by the University of West of England (UWE Bristol) found that a 20 minutes increase in commute time is as bad as a 19 per cent pay cut for job satisfaction.

The study shows that the resulting loss of leisure time from every additional minute spent commuting reduces job satisfaction, increases stress and has an adverse impact on mental health.

The research also indicates that walking and cycling are better methods of commuting as they do not show reduction in leisure time satisfaction as other commutes. Additionally, the study reports that longer commutes reduce women's job satisfaction more than that of men’s.

Principal Investigator, Dr Kiron Chatterjee, an Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour at UWE Bristol, said: “An important message for employers is that job satisfaction can be improved if workers have opportunities to reduce the time spent commuting, to work from home, and/or to walk or cycle to work – such commuting opportunities are likely to be good news for employee wellbeing and retention and hence reduced costs to businesses.”