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Save money, avoid stress and discover time for yourself

No one likes commuting. (Apart from the train companies!) Whether you want to stop your commute into London from the Home Counties, reduce your current local commute or want to escape London for the Home Counties, there are many great reasons to join Stop the Commute to find your next career move.

  • Save money swap the season ticket for a stroll, cycle or a short hop to work and save up to £10,000 each year.
  • Reduce stress “Long commutes cause obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress and insomnia.”, (Slate/Umea University, May 2011). No more being packed like cattle onto trains that are frequently cancelled due to signal failures and wrong type of snow or leaves on track!
  • Focus on career cut out the long commute and arrive at work fresh, ready for a great day.
  • Find time for yourself and others “A commute of an hour each way adds at least 25 per cent to your working day.”, (Financial Times, Aug 2013). Less time commuting means more time for yourself and your family and friends.


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Cutting out the commute need not mean compromising your career

  • Great employers on your doorstep there are 1000’s of great local, national and global companies in the Home Counties. We’ve gather many of them here – you’re just a click/tap away from your next employer.
  • Great career opportunities on your doorstep each employer on Stop the Commute is here because they offer great career opportunities. Are you ready for your next career move?


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Cut out the commute and discover a better work / life balance

  • New hobby or gym – with less time spent commuting you might choose to spend more time in the gym, learn a new skill or try a new hobby. Hot Yoga anyone?!
  • Family sometimes we all feel ‘guilty’ over lack of quality family time. Well, no longer – without the long commute, you’ll have plenty of time for both family and friends.
  • Community working locally provides many opportunities to play your part in the local community. Why not volunteer at the local sports club or school?
  • Relax  then again, sometimes we simply need some ‘me time’. Maybe sitting down with a good book is not a bad idea!


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