Good for everyone...

Shorter commute. Cleaner environment...

  • Reduced carbon footprint road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) a major contributor to climate change. Trains add another 1% to this. Work local and it should mean fewer train and car journeys leading to a healthier and happier planet.
  • More walking / cycling not only are walking and cycling amongst the greenest way to commute, you also burn calories! A five miles round trip on a bike will burn more than 200 calories.
  • Less congestion working local could also mean sharing a lift and so reducing road congestion and producing fewer emissions, all leading to a cleaner environment for everyone.


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...healthier local economy

  • Reviving the high street working and spending money locally helps revive local economies and helps create vibrant communities.
  • More social whether it's popping over to a local deli or coffee shop, working locally creates many more opportunities for social interaction.
  • More opportunities for all great talent working for great companies creates more opportunities for all.


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