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Attract great talent

Commuting into London is a nightmare but still people do it because many are unaware of employers and opportunities on their doorstep. Stop the Commute helps employers get discovered by future employees and stop the drain of talent into London and to your local competitors.

  • Attract great talent showcase your business, your people, your company culture and the local region and attract the talent that may otherwise drain into London or to your competitors.
  • Build a more engaged workforce 57% of employees in UK are not engaged and a further 26% are actively disengaged, (Gallup 2014). Create a great profile on Stop the Commute and build an engaged workforce from day one.
  • Help reduce stress work related stress costs UK economy £6.5bn each year, (The Huffington Post, 2013). Attract talent from your local region and help reduce the daily commute, a key contributor to stress.
  • Help create vibrant communities engage with and ‘give back’ to the local communities and in turn raise your profile and become a magnet for talent.
  • Help promote your local region as part of your profile on Stop the Commute, sell your town/city as place of choice for a great career.


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Win the battle for talent against London employers and your local competitors

  • Win against London employers most people don't know what kind of employers are on their doorstep. Showcase your business on Stop the Commute and let talent discover you.
  • Win against local employers stand out from the competition with a company profile that highlights great career opportunities you have to offer.


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