About Us

We are bunch of ex-commuters. We’re also a bunch of techies and marketers on a mission to bring you a better work / life balance.

After commuting for many years from the Home Counties into London or across to neighbouring towns, we decided we didn’t want to waste large chunks of our lives (and salaries) commuting to work anymore. We wanted to live local and work local.

We wanted a better work / life balance but without compromising our careers.

But our search for employers closer to home in the Home Counties proved a lot more difficult than we had imagined. We soon realised there were no quick sources we could go to and learn about employers in the Home Counties. Where we could hear from current employees. Where we may get an insight into what it may be like working for a company before joining it.

So, we decided to do something about it and the idea of stopthecommute.co.uk was born – a website dedicated to showcasing employers and jobs specifically in the Home Counties.

We then spent the next two years building stopthecommute.co.uk (and eating a lot of late night pizzas!).

So, if you too dream of becoming an ex-commuter, your next employer, closer to home in the Home Counties, is now just a click or tap away.

Why not share your journey to becoming an ex-commuter? Tell us your story at hello@stopthecommute.co.uk.