10 Reasons to Showcase Your Business

10 Reasons to showcase your business on Stop the Commute
  1. Dramatically cut the cost of recruitment by building your own pool of qualified candidates.
  2. Showcase your company to prospective employees through video and testimonials.
  3. Dispel any misconceptions regarding your company or local area.
  4. Raise your company profile amongst candidates and industry and add value to your brand.
  5. Allow future employees, suppliers and others to see the real culture of your company.
  6. Get proactive and secure the best talent even before a vacancy appears.
  7. Meet 100s of qualified candidates interested in working for your company.
  8. Advertise and fill specific vacancies with candidates interested in working for your company.
  9. Develop a direct relationship with the right candidates using online tools.
  10. Respond to questions and sell the benefits of working for your company.
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Get your business listed for free on Stop the Commute. Simply log in to your account and fill in the submission form. Once approved your business will appear on the website allowing users to find your company.